One-Day Introducing Courses in Serdev Sutures Lifts in Aesthetic surgery on March 11, June 3 and October 28, 2017
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Breast lift by scarless Serdev sutures, no scars, no downtime, bra only

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Д-л Николай Сердев

We start where many others stop! Cosmetic Surgery is not only rejuvenation, it is an overall beautification by creating aesthetic proportions, volumes, and angles.

The Greek word "aesthetics" and the Latin word "cosmetics" mean "beautification". Dr. Nikolay Serdev's books, publications, his lectures around the world, the now globally recognizable Serdev Sutures® Lifts (for lifting and volumizing of over 20 face and body areas without foreign bodies), his rhinoplasty methods, vanguard ultrasound liposculpture technique, and many other achievements are evidence of the importance beautification and rejuvenation hold in our modern and dynamic society.

All these cosmetic interventions are scarless, bloodless, with minimal trauma, and ambulatory.


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Dr Nikolay Serdev Clinic has been assessed and registered by Intertek Certification GmbH as conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008


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