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Scarless “Serdev suture” lifts worldwide


We operate according to the traditionally worldwide accepted methods developed by Prof. Dr Serdev the scarless “Serdev suture” lifts.

Prof. Dr Serdev has trained hundreds of doctors around the world, as well in Germany. Some doctors start doing the techniques watching videos or doing cosmetic surgery as a “side offer” in addition to other specialties, that can not be a base for a good medical practice. Prof. Dr Serdev himself and a team of qualified doctors, personally selected and trained by him, perform these operations all around the world. Check for the list of accredited clinics.

Serdev suture techniques represent a total system to correct ptosis, wrong position and/or lost volume:
In face areas:
- temporal SMAS lift,
- supra-temporal SMAS lift,
-brow lift,
- lateral cantus lifting,
- mid face lift,
- cheekbone lift and/or augmentation,
- lower smas-platysma face and neck lift by sutures only or by using hidden retro-lobular incision
- chin enhancement, form and position correction,
- chin dimples and smiling dimples by suture
- scarless Serdev suture method in prominent ears
- nasal tip refinement,
- nasal tip rotation,
- allar base narrowing, , etc.
In body areas:
- scarless breast lift by suture,
- buttocks lift,
- abdominal flaccidity tightening by suture,
- scarless suture inner thigh lift.

These techniques are a closed, minimally-invasive method with no incisions and no exposure of tissue. The only wounds are small stitch-points which heal after just a few days.

Specialization with Prof. Dr. Serdev guarantees the patient safe treatment and optimal results with scarless “Serdev Suture” techniques for beautification, liftings and volume correction.

The Serdev suture technique includes not only closed stitches, but also the invention of the special curved needle - Serdev instruments and the semi elastic long term absorbable Bulgarian thread, that gives tissue the possibility to move and after 2 years to disappear. It is a whole science how to lift, correct volume and position in face and body areas.

A true innovation is that during the operation, every patient may not only check but also actually help determine the result using a mirror. The patient goes home after the operation, and work or have social live next day or after 2-3 days. No down time, no scars.

Summary of the Serdev Suture techniques:
• Optimal cosmetic result
• Using a mirror, patients help determine the best result they wish
• No bandages
• No skin incisions, only a few small stitch incisions
• No tissue exposure, no skin removal
• No scars
• Practically no blood loss
• Extremely low risk of infection
• No pain or only short-term pain immediately after the procedure
• Great acceptance on the part of patients (oldest patient was 92)
• Short-term antibiotic treatment
• No or only short-term need to take days off from work
• No hospital stay required, outpatient procedures
• No shaving of the hair
• Revolution for young patients, Asians and afro-americans who should not be scarred
• Possible lifting, change of position and volume in every part of the face and in body areas.