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Scarless Serdev suture miniinvasive suspension lift and volume techniques


By far the biggest buzz in the facial and body beautification and rejuvenation category is around the scarless Serdev suture suspension lift, position and volume change. Prof. Nikolay Serdev author techniques in cosmetic surgery include a growing portfolio of methods including: In face areas: total ambulatory SMAS Lift, temporal and supra-temporal suture SMAS lift, scarless brow suture lift, lateral cantus lifting, mid face suture lift, cheekbone lift, lower smas-platysma face and neck lift using hidden retro-lobular approach, scarless lower cheek and platysma smas face lift by sutures with skin perforations only or by using hidden retro-lobular incision, chin enhancement, form and position correction by suture, Serdev sutures for: nasal tip refinement; nasal tip rotation; nasal allar base narrowing, scarless Serdev suture method in prominent ears, chin dimples and smiling dimples by suture etc.; In body areas: scarless breast lift by suture and needle perforations only, scarless buttock lift by suture, scarless buttock lift by Serdev suture and combinations with leg form elongation and beautification with ultrasonic assisted liposculpture, abdominal flaccidity tightening by suture, scarless suture inner thigh lift. However, the launch of those mini-invasive cosmetic surgery techniques has generated unprecedented excitement among practitioners. The immediate effects and minimal to no downtime make the case for Serdev suture lifts equally compelling for consumers in search of youthful contours and plumped up lines and folds.
Prof. Serdev introduced a new class of miniinvasive based facial shaping – using lifting stable suture fixation of autologous tissue without foreign bodies. Developed with semielastic long term absorbable thread and special design and surface needles, it is widely considered a major breakthrough in miniinvasive cosmetic surgery for beautification and rejuvenation.
Serdev suture techniques have many unique properties. For example, in Japan, China and Korea it is used as the only non scarring cosmetic surgery method, because of the higher percentage of keloids formation in Asians. It is used as a scarless cosmetic surgery in black skin patients in Latin America and USA. It is also a component of a beautification. Because it is the only cosmetic techniques that uses own patient tissue for augmentation of cheek bones, chin, buttocks etc. Serdev sutures are perfectly stable and the new position of the tissue holds for decades. The immediate effects and minimal to no downtime makes it possible sutures to be added at any time if necessary to keep the rejuvenation effect.
According to Professor Tullii in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Serdev suture techniques in face and body are unique for adapting proportions and volumes for perfection and beauty. The Bulgarian thread is able to create semi elasticity to provide the unique property the moving tissue to be fixed elastically in the suture. We get far greater surgical precision, with these sutures. This is a very versatile product with a global application to the face and body.” Serdev sutures are also currently being requested for use in many countries.
“Serdev suture” needles and threads are currently available through Medical Devices Int. and the operations are provided by cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and plastic surgeons who have undergone training.
• Immediate result
• Minimal to no swelling or bruising
• Natural
• Long lasting
• Versatile to be used in multiple facial and body areas
• Can be used not only in areas where other liftings and implants have been used